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Wrestling Injuries

From all appearances, wrestlers are involved in one of the most physically intense sports on both the amateur and professional levels. While good technique, training and safety gear will reduce the risks of wrestling injuries, these things do not completely eliminate said risks because wrestling is an intense contact sport.

Fortunately, the most frequently encountered injuries among wrestlers are strains and sprains. This is not to say that more traumatic injuries, such as fractures and concussions, are not possible but these are not as common with good technique, training and safety gear in place.

Differentiating the Two

Keep in mind that sprains and strains are two different injuries although the terms are often used interchangeably. On one hand, sprains are injuries to ligaments, which can either be tearing or stretching the tissue. Ligaments are the tough and fibrous tissues connecting the bones to each other.

On the other hand, strains are injuries to either the tendons or the muscles; tendons are the tissues connecting the muscles to the bone. The injuries can come in two forms, namely:

  • Overstretching of the muscle or tendon; and
  • Tearing of the muscle or tendon, either partial or complete.

Differentiating the two types of injuries among wrestlers is a must for both doctors and patients since effective treatment partly depends on an accurate diagnosis.

All about Sprains

Sprains commonly occur on the ankles and wrists, when the feet abruptly turning inward or outward after running, tuning, or, landing; sprains can also be seen in a similar manner with outstretched hands. The symptoms include pain, bruising and swelling, as well as the loss of the ability to use the ankle or wrist in a normal manner.

All about Strains

Strains are usually caused by pulling or twisting a tendon or muscle, which can either be acute or chronic. Acute strains are caused by injury, typically a trauma, such as a blow to the body, as well as by overstressing or overstretching the muscles. Chronic strains are frequently the result of prolonged and repetitive movements of the tendons and muscles.

Among wrestlers, the most common locations for strains are on the back and legs, particularly the hamstrings. Tendonitis, or inflammation of a tendon, is also a common type of strain.

When you suspect either a sprain or a strain, you should see a Healthpointe doctor in the Perris clinic. While the RICE protocol may work in many cases, it may not work in case of severe pain, unusual tenderness, and lack of movement on the affected joint.

Healthpointe’s doctors and surgeons are available for consultations on all sprains and strains; for more information please call (888) 824-5580 or visit

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