Functional Restoration Program

Functional Restoration Program

The Functional Restoration Program at Healthpointe is a chronic pain program focused on improving patients’ quality of life. Chronic pain has a way of taking control of a patient’s life, making it much worse. If the patient’s life is a car, chronic pain can become the driver. As the patient knows all too well, there are many things about the pain and life that are out of the patient’s control.

However, there are also many aspects of the pain and life that are within the patient’s control. By focusing on what the patient is in control of, quality of life can improve as the patient gets back into the driver’s seat!

The Goals of the Functional Restoration Program are

Increase Functioning Increase functioning


Manage and Reduce Medication Manage/reduce medication


Improve the Activities of Daily Living Improve activities of daily living


Decrease Pain Decrease pain


decrease-suffering Decrease suffering


Return to Work Return to work

The Healthpointe Approach to Functional Restoration

Our Approach

The Functional Restoration Program consists of providers working together as a team, with the patient at the center of the team. This approach is called an interdisciplinary biopsychosocial approach and it is a proven, effective way to treat chronic pain. As the patient knows all too well, chronic pain is very complex and difficult to deal with.

Chronic pain involves the physical pain felt by the patient, as well as the behaviors, emotions, thoughts, and social interactions that are interconnected with the pain. As a result, the best way to treat chronic pain is with an approach that focuses on all of these different aspects of the pain.

The Program’s Components

The components of the Functional Restoration Program include management with a medical doctor who focuses on answering the patient’s questions about pain and working with the patient to stabilize and reduce medications.

Throughout the program, the patient also works with the physiotherapy department to increase the patient’s functioning and activities of daily living, including a focus on returning the patient to work.

Additionally, the patient works with a behavioral medicine psychologist who provides psychological and behavioral care, psychosocial care, and education. The behavioral medicine psychologist uses a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach to decrease the patient’s suffering by improving the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that contribute to the pain.

Functional Restoration Evaluation


Prior to attending the program, the patient must complete a Functional Restoration Program evaluation. This evaluation includes a comprehensive medical evaluation, a physical functioning evaluation, a behavioral medicine evaluation with psychometric testing, and a case conference.

The evaluation is conducted to determine if the patient meets standard criteria for inclusion in the program and to collect baseline functional testing data.


The Functional Restoration Program is designed to meet the needs of the patient. The patient receives behavioral medicine treatment and physiotherapy during each day of the program. Additionally, the patient sees the medical doctor and case conferences are held consistently. The treatment team works closely together with the patient to ensure treatment goals are met.

Upon completion of the program, an aftercare program is recommended. Aftercare programs are tailored to the patient’s needs and are designed to continue to support the patient and prevent relapse after completion of the program.

Functional Restoration Program in Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County:

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