What is a Foraminotomy for Foraminal Stenosis?

People who suffer from foraminal stenosis often go through a surgical procedure called foraminotomy.

This condition causes a narrowing of the space the spinal nerves pass through. When this space narrows, the nerves become pinched, which causes the patient to feel uncomfortable and painful symptoms.

The procedure is done to relieve the symptoms of this condition, by reducing the amount of pressure on the spinal nerves in both the cervical and lumbar region of the spine.

This is done by removing bone and soft tissue that is causing the compression, giving the nerves more room in the foramen. This surgical procedure can be done on its own to treat foraminal stenosis, and it can be done in conjunction with other procedures to address other spinal problems, which may be causing the patient varying degrees of pain and discomfort.

How Foraminotomy is Performed

Patients who undergo a foraminotomy are placed under general anesthesia, and are positioned on the operating table face down. To begin the procedure, the surgeon makes an incision and proceeds to cut through muscles and connective tissues using a tubular retractor or endoscope, in order to reach the affected part of the spine.

Once the spine is exposed, the surgeon then proceeds to perform a laminectomy or removal of the bone and ligaments, to expose the discs and give the surgeon easier access to the problem areas.

Other issues (such as a herniated disc can also be addressed at this time. Once the other problems have been cleared, nerve root decompression is done by extracting tissues from the foramen, giving the nerve root more space, and reducing the pressure on the spinal nerves.

When there is enough space around the nerves, the surgeon can then proceed to close up, starting with suturing up the muscles using absorptive sutures, and then suturing or stapling up the incision on the skin. The wound is then dressed in bandages.

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