Work Conditioning Program

Healthpointe’s Work Conditioning Program

Our Work Conditioning Program is a smart option for employees and employers who are grappling with the constraints of modified work duty. The unique regimen maximizes the employee’s success when he returns to work and minimizes the employer’s costs and liability associated with sick days and re-injury.

It is the only program of its kind in Southern California, utilizing the type of work activity required on the job to train—or sometimes retrain—the patient to lift, push and pull correctly, using proper body mechanics while improving strength, flexibility, stability and coordination.

The Program’s Development

The program was developed by Healthpointe’s occupational medicine specialists and is appropriate for patients who have finished traditional physical therapy and are on modified work duty as a result of limitations placed by doctors’ orders.

Each patient has different limitations, so the program is individualized. The injuries that benefit most from this combined regimen are to the back, shoulder and knee; post-surgical patients, in particular, are appropriate for this type of conditioning.

Program Requirements

The program requires specialized equipment and advanced training on the part of the physical therapy team. Two of the workout stations simulate a work environment. One employs an adjustable shelving unit that enables a patient to practice lifting; the other simulates a weighted dolly, which can be pushed and pulled.

One on One Supervision

One-on-one supervision is provided by a physical therapist who monitors the patient and instructs him on proper body mechanics, according to the type of work he does. In this way, he hardens his body without the danger of re-injury. The patient starts out slowly, but can build up to full function within a couple of months. Once he sees results and feels more comfortable performing work-related tasks, he is more motivated to return to work. Progress is evaluated periodically throughout the course of the program.

Studies have shown that comprehensive work conditioning programs, i.e., programs having more than one component, are better than standard care in reducing sick days for employees returning to work. In addition to physical preparation, these programs have a cognitive-behavioral benefit (addressing attitudes and behaviors such as fear of movement), which facilitates work re-entry.

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