Patient holding Elbow due to Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain

The elbow joint acts as a hinge connecting and allowing movement between the upper arm and the forearm. It facilitates nearly parallel movement between the upper arm and the forearm allowing the hand to reach objects at varying lengths.

Although it is often minor, pain in the elbow can greatly inhibit movement and can be a sign of various injuries, diseases, and conditions; for this reason pain and slight aches, should be attended to by a professional. Pain in the elbow can be a symptom of several conditions including, but not limited to, bone fractures and dislocations, tendonitis, infections, arthritis, and bursitis. While the elbow is not as susceptible to overuse as other joints, it can still suffer from wear-and-tear damage. Elbow damage is often manifested as inflammation, tenderness, pain, and a decrease in range of motion.


Common elbow conditions include:

General Causes

Elbow injuries can arise from a variety of factors including overuse, dislocations, and fractures. Sports injuries, extensive hard labor, and bacterial infections are common causes of pain and can lead to inflammation and tenderness. Advanced age can also lead to worn down tendons, bones, and muscles within the elbow.

Whether it is due to sports injuries, infections, overuse, or any number of factors, it is still important to be examined by a qualified doctor to determine if further treatment is required.

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