Back Pain

Back Pain

The vertebrae between the thoracic vertebrae and sacrum allow movement and flexibility of the back region. Pain in the back may range from a dull and constant ache to a sudden and sharp pain. Acute pain in this area has a sudden onset and may last from a few days to a few weeks while chronic back pain will last for more than three months. Fortunately, about 80 percent of all pain in the back is acute. Pain in the lower back is one of the most common medical problems that affect 8 out of 10 people at some point during their lives.

Common symptoms associated with pain in the back include the inability to stand up straight, radiating pain down either leg or both legs, muscle strains, and limited flexibility or range of motion in your back. For more severe cases, it is important to take proper measures and visit your doctor. Such severe cases include, but are not limited to, numbness, tingling or weakness in one or both legs, and are accompanied by unexplained weight loss, and occur with swelling or redness on your back. It is also important to seek immediate care and medical attention if your symptoms persist for more than three days, and if your pain is chronically severe. Symptoms can vary greatly depending on conditions present and their severity.


Common back conditions include:

General Causes

Understanding the cause of your pain is the key to proper treatment. There are many conditions that are linked to pain in the back, which includes arthritis, ruptured disks, skeletal abnormalities (scoliosis), muscle and ligament strains, and osteoporosis. Overuse may also cause pain as repeated heavy lifting or sudden/awkward movements may strain the back muscles and spinal ligaments. Anything that puts pressure on your back muscles or nerves may also cause pain in the back.

Lastly, compression of the spine’s vertebrae is another factor in back pain as your bones may become brittle from age, as is the case with osteoporosis. Back pain may also be caused by a traumatic event, like a car accident or a fall.

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