Workers’ Compensation at Healthpointe

As one of Southern California’s leading multidisciplinary healthcare organizations, Healthpointe has made a personal investment to provide all parties with the highest level of service. Regardless if you are an employer, insurance carrier or third-party administrator, you can expect unbeatable benefits that you will not find anywhere else. With our successful 40-year track record of excellence, we are confident that you will receive more than what you are expecting.

Healthpointe is the finest option to choose from as we have vast resources at our fingertips! Our physicians and staff have great depth of understanding workers’ compensation laws, guidelines and treatment plans for all work related injuries. Healthpointe also strives in delegation by offering open-lines of communication with constant feedback between our physicians/clinics and the employers/claims examiners.

The Right Medical Providers

We are proud to provide all the right medical providers needed to ensure that employees get back to work quickly and efficiently. Indeed, Healthpointe supplies patients with efficient and prominent medical treatment plans for all workers’ compensation cases that are comprised of the latest technology to date along with a professional and reliable healthcare staff.

Our workers’ compensation division consists of primary, occupational and specialty physicians that focus on comprehensive multidisciplinary services and diagnostic testing. These physicians are supported by certified and licensed healthcare professionals who all work as a solid team. Our healthcare family proudly provides the gamut of healthcare services that are always ready to assist you.

What services and benefits does Healthpointe offer?

  • High quality medical care monitored through active in-house utilization and quality assurance programs
  • Immediate access to care for urgent medical needs with 24-hour coverage.
  • Effective cost containment through routine auditing and review of the medical practices.
  • Swift turnaround of accurate, well-written reports and associated documentations by our qualified medical examiners to meet all personal, medical and legal purposes.
  • Reliable system that enforces effective monitoring and case reviews of treatment progress along with successful case resolution.
  • Medical treatments that cover the vast assortment of workers’ compensation injuries such as neurosurgery, orthopedics, occupational medicine, pain management, cranial/brain surgery, spine surgery and so much more!

Insurmountable Value in Service

Healthpointe places an insurmountable value in service to ensure that all parties are satisfied. We are committed to making your transition between providers as smooth as possible. You won’t be disappointed!

Healthpointe offers Workers’ Compensation

  • Workers’ Compensation in and near Anaheim
  • Workers’ Compensation in and near Colton
  • Workers’ Compensation in and near Corona
  • Workers’ Compensation in and near Garden Grove
  • Workers’ Compensation in and near Irwindale
  • Workers’ Compensation in and near La Mirada
  • Workers’ Compensation in and near Long Beach
  • Workers’ Compensation in and near Ontario
  • Workers’ Compensation in and near Perris
  • Workers’ Compensation in and near Temecula

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Healthpointe offers comprehensive evaluations and treatments for all your workers’ compensation and related needs. To talk to one of our doctors, please schedule an appointment today!