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The bursa is a fluid-filled sac that prevents friction between ligaments, tendons, muscles, and bones of the body. It occurs when the bursa is worn down, weakened, or inflamed. Leaving this condition could eventually lead to other conditions involving the joints, such as tendonitis and tendinosis. If you think you have this condition, and experience stiffness or pain in the joints, seek medical attention. Your doctor will provide the necessary recommendations and prescriptions for a lasting recovery.


This condition is caused by repeated pressure or stress. Athletes are susceptible, especially in football, hockey, or any other contact or fast sports.

Another cause is age. Neglecting regular exercise and stretching, and repeating movements for long periods of time (such as sitting in an office or driving), can develop into weakened tissues.It is important to maintain a vitamin-rich diet, practice correct posture, and break up long periods of inactivity with short walks to help prevent future damage.


The symptoms include pain and stiffness. Extremes in pain in stiffness may be an aggravation of this condition and lead to frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis). For many patients, the symptoms are most present in the mornings or after sleeping, and can flare up at different times of the day. Other symptoms include shooting pain, swelling, and “cracking” sounds.


Treatments include rest, ice, and sometimes compression. Your doctor may prescribe NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications), corticosteroids, and injections for helping with inflammation.

Additionally, diagnostic studies may be performed such as MRIs, to understand the root of the problem. Many patients also choose to undergo physical therapy, which can help with range of motion and improve activities of daily living.

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