Hip Pain

Hip Pain

The hip is the joint connecting the femur and the gluteal region, and its main purpose is to give you balance and posture during physical activities. When this muscle-covered region of the body is injured, even simple activities such as standing and sitting can cause pain. When you experience pain in this area, the most likely cause is an irregularity in the hip, and/or the muscles, bones, and other surrounding tissues.

Sufferers of such pain may experience an inability to run and walk, and/or pain while sitting. Since the hip is a ball-and-socket joint (the body’s largest), in between the bones of the joint of the hip, is cartilage. When the hip is overused, or exposed to high-impact activities, this cartilage wears down, causing pain. Other causes include fractures, or tearing of the muscles and ligaments.



These are the most common conditions that affect the hip area:

General Causes

Among the most common causes of pain in the hip is wear-and-tear. When the cartilage of the joint is damaged, you will experience friction with movement. Fractures in the hip, or even in the lower back or upper thigh, can cause radiating pain, creating the sensation of pain in the hip. Many times, an injury to the hip can cause the surrounding muscles to overcompensate, leading to strains and sprains in the thigh and hip area.

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