Football player suffers a dislocation



Dislocations are injuries to the joints that can occur anywhere in the body. A dislocated joint is the displacement of the bone out of its correct position. It is common for dislocations to happen with traumatic and forceful falls, especially among athletes.

Many patients experience dislocations in the ankles, hips, knees, shoulders, and even the jaw. Dislocations require emergency medical attention, and many treatment options are available.


A common cause of dislocations is blunt force trauma to the joints, which can occur in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, or gymnastics. Age is also a factor, as many people over the age of 40 develop weaker bones, joints, and tendons, making accidents and falls more likely to cause severe damage.

A diet full of vitamin D, regular exercise and stretching will not only help to keep your muscles and bones limber and strong, it may decrease your chances of experiencing a dislocation.

Symptoms of Dislocations

You may have a dislocation when you notice an obvious change in appearance near your joint. Since a dislocation is a bone out of place, this may appear as a bump or deformity near your knee, hip, or shoulder. Redness, swelling, extreme pain, and difficulty moving or stiffness are immediate signs that you have a dislocation and should contact a medical professional immediately.

Treatments for Dislocations

Treatment options for a dislocation include reduction, the process of correcting the dislocation and placing the protrusion into its normal position. This is a surgery that may be done under local or general anesthesia, but most patients with little to no symptoms choose to do the surgery without it.

Sometimes, the bones can be inserted back into the proper place by hand, and the patient will not need surgery. If, however, a lot of damage is visibly seen and felt both by the patient and by a doctor through an MRI, a doctor may recommend surgery.

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