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Turf Toe

The ligament of the big toe prevents the joints from rubbing together and connects the cartilage and bone. This condition is the sprain or stretching of this ligament. When the big toe ligament becomes inflamed or torn, moving the toe can result in pain and weakness. It occurs as a result of repeated pulling of the joint, which often happens to runners and athletes in football, basketball, and soccer.


During running and exercise, the sesamoids (the bones connected to the ligament of the big toe, which allow the toe to move), absorb energy as you step from your heel to toe. Not allowing the sesamoids to release the energy so that you can take another step forward (i.e., the toe is “jammed”), can cause tearing and stretching in the ligament, and possibly fractures of the bone. When jamming occurs repeatedly, the risks of sustaining this condition increases.

This condition is most common among athletes who run, such as football players.


Symptoms include pain, inflammation, and stiffness around the big toe. If left untreated, symptoms can worsen and progress throughout the foot. A “loose” feeling in the joint, or “popping” and “cracking” sounds, are also reported symptoms among patients with turf toe.

Generally, if the condition developed suddenly, the symptoms will present immediately. If the condition resulted from repeated activities over time, symptoms will present gradually.


The diagnosis involves a physical examination and special diagnostic studies such as an x-ray. Once a doctor has diagnosed the condition, treatment options include rest, ice, compression, elevation, pain medication, taping the joint, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, and assistive devices like crutches.

For severe cases, a doctor may recommend surgery to help repair and re-attach the broken ligament and tissues.

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