Knee Pain

Knee Pain

The knee connects the upper and lower leg, and is the joint between the femur and the tibia, and the femur and the patella. The largest joint in the body, the knee works as a hinge mechanism (in the same way a door hinge allows for the movement of a door), which allows the body to walk, run, jump, and any other movement involving the leg. As such, the knee is also constantly vulnerable to stress and overuse injuries.

Pain in the knee is the discomfort in any of the structures of the knee, which can include the muscles, nerves, kneecap, and surrounding tissue. Common symptoms of acute or chronic pain arise out of damage or pressure to these areas, and include restrictions in range of motion of the knee. Sometimes, knee pain is a direct cause of an injury to the foot or hip, since pain often radiates, and since the knee often overcompensates in order to maintain the body’s ability to walk.


These are the most common conditions that also affect the knee area:

General Causes

Since the first symptoms of the common injuries to the knee can include weakness, numbness, tingling, and radiating pain through the thigh and calf, the opposite knee may experience over-exertion due to overcompensation. This can lead to excess pressure, weight bearing, and activity, and both knees may develop micro-tears and damage in the tissue, and over time, osteoarthritis. These symptoms can present as difficulty walking and standing, and can progress if left untreated. Traumatic injuries, such as falls, can cause stress fractures, and develop the same symptoms.

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