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Rotator Cuff Tear

The rotator cuff is built of four muscles that surround the shoulder joint and assist in its movement, rotation, and stabilization. Rotator cuff tears are extremely common and tend to inhibit movement, cause extreme pain, and lead to a weakened shoulder overall.


Rotator cuff tears are often attributed to injury, overuse, or degenerative issues. Rotator cuff injuries are common in various sports, such as baseball, tennis, and basketball, as well as in physically demanding jobs. They can occur as a result of other shoulder trauma including rapid movements, dislocations, fractures, and broken collarbones.

Degenerative break down of the shoulder tendon often occurs gradually and is naturally hastened by the aging process. Rotator cuff tears occur most often in the dominant arm but are liable to manifest in either arm. Aside from age and sports related incidents, rotator cuff tears can also be caused by bone spurs, tendinitis, or conditions that limit blood flow.


Acute symptoms develop immediately after injury or incident. An acute injury usually occurs due to sports or work related injuries; these injuries usually lead to severe pain that radiates from the shoulder down to the elbow, a restricted range of motion, and muscle spasms. Difficulty in abduction is highly indicative of large tears in the rotator cuff.

Chronic symptoms develop gradually over time. Symptoms of chronic rotator cuff pain include pain while resting, crepitus (a cracking sensation in the shoulder), restricted range of motion, and muscular atrophy. Chronic pain is usually at its peak during nighttime and can obstruct sleep and rest.


Surgical and non-invasive treatments are available for those experiencing rotator cuff injuries. Non-invasive treatments are offered first and include physical or occupational therapy, oral medicines, and rest. During physical therapy exercises are performed to increase range-of-motion while strengthening the muscles in the shoulder. Oral medications include nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, and naproxen.

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