Shoulder Pain Among Baseball Players

Excessive strains placed on the shoulders during pitching and batting can lead to shoulder pain in baseball players.

Pain the affected shoulder is usually the first sign of trouble, which can necessitate a visit to a Healthpointe clinic for proper diagnoses, treatment and preventive care. Baseball players in the Anaheim area as well as in Fullerton, Placentia, Villa Park, Buena Park, Cypress, Cerritos, and Garden Grove, should visit Healthpointe sports physicians.

The pain may or may not involve other symptoms, such as the affected shoulder feeling like it is coming out of its socket or it is becoming loose. With pain, come the adverse effects that every baseball pitcher dreads, such as decrease in performance caused by a reduction in the pitch velocity and strength. The pain may also either come while throwing or after throwing the ball.

In most cases, the pain is the result of inflamed rotator cuff tendons wherein the shoulder is either irritated or inflamed after the throwing movement.

First, the pain may be caused by too much stress on the tendons. You may be trying to get into shape too quickly and too soon, thus, applying undue stress on the shoulder and rotator cuff tendons. You can usually recover via the usual treatments including cutting back on your throwing speed and duration, putting ice on the shoulders after throwing, and using anti-inflammatory medications as well as engaging in rehabilitation exercises.

Be patient as your recovery will usually not be as fast as you want it to be. But when you rush it, your injuries will worsen so your playing time will also be lessened.

Second, the shoulder joint may be getting too loose. Keep in mind that your shoulder joint is not coming out of its socket but instead its ligaments have been stretched to the point where its ball is sliding too much.

Regardless of the cause, you must consult with Healthpointe doctors before undergoing any treatment for best results.

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