Billiards Injuries – Prevent Personal Injuries

To the uninitiated, billiards players may not be at high risk for personal injuries that athletes in contact sports, such as football, basketball, and wrestling, are exposed to. However, according to sports medicine doctors, this is not so because billiards players can also suffer from sprains, strains and fractures, among other personal injuries. Keep in mind that billiard players must bend over, stretch their arms, and use their wrists, among other movements, for extended periods of time so their risks for sustaining a personal injury are still relatively higher than the general population.

Fortunately, the risks of billiards injuries can be reduced by adopting the appropriate body posture during shots. But if you still experience injuries, you should immediately have these checked by a Healthpointe sports medicine doctor for appropriate treatment. Visit any of the Healhtpointe clinics, such as the Corona clinic, which is near Norco, Home Gardens, Mira Loma, and Pedley, for this purpose.

  • Bend from the waist

When bending to take a shot at a billiard table, be sure to bend from your hips instead of bending from your waist. Your pool bending stance should strengthen your back and neck muscles – and it begins with your proper bending position into your final stance.

To achieve the proper bending stance, stand upright without a cue stick in your hand. Put your hands on your hips and bend from your hip joints; think of it as if you want to unfold your hipbones over your fingers. Your thumb should feel as relaxed as possible while you are bending in this position.

Tip: You should not feel any tension in your back when playing, which only happens when you are bending from your waist. If you are bending from your hip, you will not feel muscle tension as fast as you will when bending from your waist.

  • Avoid bending over a shot

Keep in mind that your comfort is one of the keys to winning at pool – the more comfortable you are in your body during the prolonged periods of play, the more you can focus on your shots. You should sit down to a shot instead of bending over it.

During billiards, align yourself to the pool table. Aim for your next stroke but pretend that you have a stool just behind your back. Lower your head and trunk for the shot but continue pretending that you are shifting your weight so that it rests on the imaginary stool behind your back.

Indeed, it takes years of practice for billiards players to get the right stance but when you do, your scores should improve – and your chances at world-class billiards will increase, too.

Discuss the appropriate preventive measures and treatment for your billiards injuries with our Healthpointe doctors at the La Mirada clinic, which is near Whittier, La Habra, Norwalk, Cerritos, Buena Park, and Santa Fe Springs.

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