Athletes and Shoulder Pain

Among athletes, overhand throwing motions place very high stress on the shoulders, particularly on the parts that keep them stable. With repeated throwing motions, the risks for a wide range of overuse injuries increase until such time that surgery may be the only effective treatment left.

While baseball pitchers have the highest risks for shoulder pain, other athletes in volleyball, tennis, and swimming are also at risk. For as long as the sports require repetitive overhand motions, the shoulders are at higher risk for injuries.

The shoulder is a ball and socket joint consisting of three distinct bones, namely, the upper arm bone (humerus), the collarbone (clavicle), and the shoulder blade (scapula). The head of the humerus snugly fits into the shoulder blade’s rounded socket (glenoid). The labrum, a rim of strong fibrous tissue, surrounds the glenoid’s outside edge. It performs several important roles, such as helping in deepening the socket, stabilizing the shoulder joint, and serving as the attachment point for the ligaments and tendons in the shoulder and arm.

The shoulder capsule, a strong connective tissue, keeps the upper arm bone’s head centered in the glenoid and covers the shoulder joint. The shoulder also depends on the strong muscles and tendons, such as the rotator cuff and biceps muscles, to keep it stable. Even the upper back muscles, such as the rhomboids, trapezius, and levator scapulae, all play important roles in maintaining stability in the shoulder.

But with repetitive overhand motions resulting in high-speed throws, the shoulder is subjected to significant stresses that degrade the integrity of its parts. Shoulder injuries are one of the common reasons that athletes come to any of the Healthpointe clinics (such as the Long Beach clinic near Signal Hill, Carson, Seal Beach, Lakewood, Bellflower, Compton, Hawaiian Gardens, and Los Alamitos).

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