New Facility Expansion: Healthpointe’s Colton Medical Office

Healthpointe is proud to announce the expansion of our Colton medical facility! To celebrate the new expansion, we visited the new space and spoke with Patricia Garnette, Colton Office Manager, about the opening, and what it means for Healthpointe and its patients alike.

What initiated the want and need for this expansion?

“I’m proud to say we have grown our office in the past few years, and are offering more specialty doctors in areas such as neurology, pain management, acupuncture, ENT, and podiatry. Therefore, additional exam rooms were needed.”

What will the new space be used for?

“The new space has a Personal Injury Department that specializes in scheduling PI patients, and the other half of the suite has six new state-of-the-art exam rooms for our providers to see patients more efficiently.”

What do the new exam rooms include?

“They’re equipped with brand new exam tables, and the latest computers for our doctors’ use. They also feature beautiful wall art, tile floors, and granite counters.”

Garnette’s favorite part about the new space is that it’s made it much easier to see patients at a faster pace – with two new check-out stations (one located upstairs and one located downstairs), patients are able to be treated in a timelier fashion.

Dr. Nick, one of Healthpointe’s leading neurologists, enjoys the renovations, and feels that he and his staff are able to work more efficiently with the extra space upstairs. One of our acupuncturists, Dr. Bhak, appreciates the spa-like atmosphere that the new exam rooms provide. Garnette also notes that so far, the patients have loved the new space, too!

Healthpointe’s Colton Office is excited about its new suite and all that it has to offer, and is excited to offer extra room to house more providers in the near future.

To learn more about Healthpointe or to make an appointment, contact Healthpointe at (888) 824-5580 or visit

Live in or near the Colton area? Call (909) 264-2500 or visit our Colton webpage to schedule an appointment at our Colton Office.

To view the official press release on Cision PRWeb, you can click here.

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