Biofeedback: Harness the Power of Your Mind!

Certain body functions are controlled involuntarily by your nervous system, such as your heart rate, skin temperature, and blood pressure. For example, you do not think about making your heart rate faster, but rather it just happens in response to your environment such as when you are excited or exercising.

Biofeedback treatment in physical therapy is a technique used to help you gain more control over these normally involuntary functions. The idea behind biofeedback treatment is that you can become more aware of what is going on inside your body by harnessing the power of your mind. When you are able to do so, you can gain more control over your health. Biofeedback therapy is used to prevent or treat conditions such as migraine headaches, chronic pain, incontinence, and high blood pressure.

How does biofeedback therapy work?

During a biofeedback session, electrodes are attached to your skin. The electrodes or sensors send signals to a monitor that measures your heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, sweating, or muscle activity. When you are under stress, these functions will change so that your heart rate speeds up, your muscles tighten, your blood pressure rises, you start to sweat, and your breathing quickens.

A biofeedback therapist can help you fine-tune and control these body functions through a variety of techniques. Certain relaxation exercises used in biofeedback therapy include deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery, and mindfulness meditation. As the biofeedback therapist guides you through these different techniques, you will get instant feedback on the monitor and you can see your heart rate slowing, the blood pressure lowered, and the ease of your muscle tensions. Eventually, you will learn how to control these functions on your own.

Where can I go to find out more about biofeedback treatment?

Healthpointe offers a physical therapy program that includes a wide variety of standard physical therapy treatment options utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. Our goal is to fulfill each patient’s maximum level of functioning. Healthpointe offers comprehensive evaluations and treatments for all your physical therapy and related needs, which also includes biofeedback treatment. Contact us today to learn more about treatment options!

About Healthpointe:

Healthpointe is a leading multidisciplinary healthcare organization offering a full range of medical services in practice locations throughout Southern California (Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County). Healthpointe has locations situated in over 10 cities in Southern California including La Mirada by Whittier, La Habra, Norwalk, Cerritos, Buena Park, and Santa Fe Springs. As a highly regarded musculoskeletal group, we have a personal investment in the highest level of service, and we are proud of our record of excellence over the last four decades with private patients, injured workers, urgent care, personal injuries, and professional and non-professional athletes. Leading our organization is a dynamic team of healthcare professionals who continually strive to be at the forefront of medical innovation and healthcare service delivery. For more information, a complete list of services, and Healthpointe locations, visit


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