Neck Pain? We’ve Got You Covered.

A pain in the neck – this is the common idiom used in describing people, things and issues that give literal and figurative headaches. But when neck pain is actually a physical symptom related to sports activities, then it is a pain in the neck that requires urgent medical attention.

This is especially true for weightlifters and bodybuilders. According to an M&F survey, majority (95%) of participants have experienced severe neck injury during weightlifting activities. The symptoms usually include moderate to severe pain including soreness and loss of mobility either in the neck or upper back – or both.

In most cases, neck and back pain are connected in terms of the cause. Typically, issues involving the back and neck are caused by an imbalance in a specific area of the spine.

Otherwise known as the vertebral column, the spine has three natural curves, the lower back (lumbar), the mid-back (thoracic), and the neck (cervical). These curves are interdependent in the sense that any weakness to one increases the risks for an imbalance, adversely affecting the strength of the neck or upper back.

For example, when the lower back has an injury (e.g., slipped disc or fracture), the neck will compensate for the injury and, in turn, become imbalanced. The original back injury will then likely worsen since the injured neck can no longer compensate for the imbalance.

Muscle damage to the neck and back areas generally has two causes. First, muscle damage can be caused by direct injury wherein the muscle tears apart. Over time, scar tissues form over the healed muscle, leading to a shortened muscle that will eventually pull the bones attached to it out of their normal position. Second, muscle damage can be caused by excessive stress over a prolonged period. The stress can come from poor posture, poor technique, and improper uses of the body parts.

Regardless of the cause of your neck pain, your best course of action is to seek urgent medical attention from any of the Healthpointe clinics, such as the La Mirada clinic by Whittier, La Habra, Norwalk, Cerritos, Buena Park, and Santa Fe Springs.

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