ACL Tears: The Best Treatment Options

ACL Tears Treatment

Each case of an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is different since the age, physical condition, and cause of the injury will differ between two individuals. The best ACL tears treatment protocol will likely be customized according to these factors.

Your doctor will use a wide range of diagnostic tools, such as physical examination and imaging technology, to determine the location, severity and type of your ACL injury. You should then be able to thoroughly discuss your personalized treatment protocol. Your doctor at any of the Healthpointe clinics (such as the Perris clinic near Nuevo, Sun City, Canyon Lake, Homeland, Romoland, and Lakeview) will be happy to answer your questions about the non-surgical and surgical treatments.

  • Level of activity

Surgery is usually recommended for active adult patients belonging to either of these categories:

  • Involved in sports, such as basketball, baseball, and hockey; or
  • Involved in jobs requiring turning, pivoting, or hard-cutting; or
  • Involved in heavy manual work.

Older patients who have not been considered for ACL surgery in their younger years are advised to undergo surgery. Doctors emphasize that it is the level of activity, not age, which should determine the necessity for surgical intervention in most cases.

  • Age

But there are exemptions to the general rule. In adolescents and young children with ACL tears, a surgeon can delay the operation until the skeletal maturity is nearing its completion. This is because early ACL reconstruction surgery increases the risk for injury to the growth plate.

In many cases when time is of the essence in ACL reconstruction surgery, a surgeon may change the technique involved. The goal: To decrease the risk for growth plate injury while also ensuring effective treatment of the ACL tear.

  • Risk for secondary knee damage

When you have a torn ACL coupled with significant functional instability, your surgeon may strongly advise an ACL reconstruction surgery. Otherwise, the risk for secondary knee damage increases.

  • Triad of injuries

Surgery is a must for a combination of injuries, such as ACL tear combined with damage to the menisci, articular cartilage, or collateral ligaments. Football players with the so-called unhappy triad (i.e. injury to all parts of the tendon) should undergo surgery for a full recovery.

Are you ready to discuss your options? Ask questions from our Healthpointe doctors now!

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