Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Chiropractic

Wave bye-bye to the days when chiropractic was seen as a last resort. Today, chiropractic is designed to treat and prevent pain, and can have amazing results. (Just ask Michael Phelps!)

Here are 5 facts about chiropractic that will have you booking appointments in no time!

  1. It’s Not Just for Pain. Chiropractic is often associated with back pain, but it’s also one of the most effective methods of prevention. Because of this, many athletes – including Olympians – who are in pristine physical shape choose chiropractic to stay in pristine physical shape.
  2. It’s Painless, according to many patients. While chiropractic can have different effects on different patients, most agree that the “painful spine cracking” is just a myth. Modern chiropractic treatments are gentle and quick. And remember: your chiropractor will never perform risky procedures. Ever.
  3. It Only Takes a Few Visits. If you have back pain, chiropractic can help – and it won’t take a year of treatment. Chiropractors often report that for pain to subside, it usually takes an initial visit and one or two follow-ups, and that’s it. The rest – like annual check-ups or maintenance – are completely up to the patient.
  4. It Can Help with ADHD. Because the brain and spine are complexly connected, many studies have found that chiropractic can reduce neurological symptoms associated with ADHD. This is especially good news for ADHD patients who heavily rely on medications.
  5. …And Headaches! Chiropractic is growing in popularity for patients with neurologic symptoms, not only because of the spine’s relation to the brain, but also because tension relief can have enormous and psychologically calming effects. So the next time you’re wigging out, consider calling a chiropractor!

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