A white laptop with a blue stethoscope on its screen.

Healthcare and Social Media

TikTok has become one of the most celebrated online forums for the modern age. The short-form videos on the social media app cover a variety of topics and conversations. From tutorials, to art, to political discussion, it seems that there is somet...
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Text Us!

New ‘Text Us’ Feature!

Good Afternoon, In an effort to make Healthpointe’s online services as user friendly as possible, our team has developed a new and convenient Text Us feature. You can now contact us directly through text to schedule appointments, reschedule appoi...
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Fighting Intense Back Pain

Everyone knows someone with back pain; it is one of the most common issues in modern health, and can be debilitating in many regards if left untreated. Upper back pain can be traced to stress and to osteoporosis of the spine in older women.  Lower...
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