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Common Causes of Ear Problems

Ear problems and hearing loss may be caused by a multitude of different health issues. Typically, ear pain or ear problems can be a symptom of infection of the middle ear, inflammation or infection of the ear canal, or buildup of fluid behind the eardrum.

Some common injuries or issues that may lead to ear problems or hearing loss can include:

  • Exposure to loud noises or explosions which can damage the eardrum;
  • Cuts or scrapes which can cause injuries on the outside of the ear or ear canal;
  • Cleaning the ear too forcefully or too often with a bobby pin, cotton swab, or sharp fingernail can cause irritation or injury;
  • Burns or frostbites that can cause ear injuries;
  • Atmospheric pressure changes can cause problems due to the air being trapped or kept out of the middle ear;
  • A fall or forceful impact to the side of the head can burst the eardrum or damage the tiny bones in the inner ear;
  • An injury during contact sports;
  • Objects placed in the ear can cause injury to the ear canal or the ear drum;
  • The onset of age can lead to gradual hearing loss;
  • Buildup of ear wax can contribute to hearing issues;
  • Serious medical conditions can cause ear problems;
  • Skin reaction on the outside of the ear or in the ear canal can cause hearing issues

If you are experiencing any ear issues or hearing loss, it is best to seek medical attention to receive appropriate treatment and prevent further deterioration of your symptoms. Healthpointe now offers audiology services at our Anaheim location. Audiology services at Healthpointe include hearing tests and evaluations, diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, balance or speech problems, and other hearing disorders. Contact Healthpointe today to learn more about our audiology services and treatment options.

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